1. frontend life without Visual Studio

    This post is part of the series "the road to Visual Studio free frontend development": Frontend life with Visual Studio Frontend life without Visual Studio You can browse the code of this post on github. In the previous part I showed how to manage a pure html website and I…

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     vsfree frontend development

  2. JavaScript pain and love

    This is a common story how a developer moves from hating to loving JavaScript. In fact, after reading around in the developer world (especially the .NET world) a common path is: Stage one: when a developer approaches DHTML for the first time, he thinks "what a newbie language! It's totally…

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     devlife javascript

  3. reboot

    Five months are passed since I left Managed Designs (thanks to all people of bottega51!) and I'm back to be a Freelancer. Right away I realized I have more time to spend study new languages and technologies, play with my daughter, write and last but not least develop new projects…

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