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  • Frontend life with Visual Studio

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Every good project starts with identifing some requirements and my new website also follows this simple rule. My list of requirements is the following:

  • simple
  • fast
  • mobile friendly
  • server side technology free
  • ready as soon as possible

The latter is the most important (like for all other projects). So, I decided to reach my goal by using the tool I deal with every day: Visual Studio.

First choise, first issue: how can I use Visual Studio detached from ASP.NET?
I'm a lucky man because purehtml template suites this purpose.

Now we can go further: how I can minify my css and javascript files?
The Visual Studio plugin Web Essential helps me. This little devil provides a lot of useful features to manage the life cycle of both the client code and style scripts (exactly what I need). In addition it can transform either sass or less scripts to css and either typescript or coffescript to javascript (out of scope for this project).

Last but not least: how can I use minified files only for production and use the original - not minified - during the development?
I decided to write a little script powershell in order to copy the website content to a publishing directory and replace both css and js files with its minified pairs.

The mission is finally accomplished: my new website is up and running. Now it's time to have a retrospective about the frontend development experience with Visual Studio.

The good parts:

  • The discussed solution satisfies all the requirements
  • The used tools are familiar to a microsoft stack developer

The bad parts:

  • My machine is based on OSX so using Windows under the virtual machine drains too much battery
  • I wasted time waiting to boot virtual machine
  • I wasted time waiting to open Visual Studio
  • Every time I open the powershell script I need time to realize what the code means
  • I have to open Visual Studio for every minimal change (so Web Essential can update minified files) either JavaScript or CSS
  • It's not a usual development experience for a non-Microsoft developer
  • My project folder is overloaded due to useless files from the Visual Studio project (*.sln, *.config, *.csproj, Properties folder)
  • Visual studio template referencing useless (for my scope) client libraries
  • Client libraries versioning and management is a pain
  • My project is editor/ide dependent so I cannot share it with other frontend developers used to its tools
  • I need to manually set up my dev environment before opening the project

hmmm... It seems I have too many technical debts to make up...

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